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Adult Health II (2010)

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Adult Health II Course Calendar


Neurological Nursing


Brain Injury, Part I:



Brain Injury, Part II:

HeadInjury Pt II.mp4





Spinal Cord Injury, Part I:

SpinalCordInjury Pt I.mp4


Spinal Cord Injury, Part II:

SpinalCordInjury Part II.mp4


Assorted Neuro Diseases Worksheet:

 Assorted Neuro Disorders Worksheet.docx


Alzheimer's Disease:



Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis:



Guillain-Barre' Syndrome:



Huntington's Disease:

Huntingtons Disease.mp4


Multiple Sclerosis:



Myasthenia Gravis:

Myasthenia Gravis.mp4


Parkinson's Disease:

Parkinsons Disease.mp4 



Neuro Power Points:

Parkinson’s Disease Classroom.ppt

Myasthenia Gravis Classroom.ppt

Multiple Sclerosis Classroom.ppt

Huntington's Classroom.ppt

Guillain Barre Classroom.ppt

Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis Classroom.ppt

Alzheimer's Classroom.ppt


Head Injury Snap Pt I.ppt

Head Injury Snap Pt II.ppt

Meningitis Snap.ppt

Spinal Cord Injury Snap I.ppt

Spinal Cord Injury Snap II.ppt 


Neuro Flow Sht., Including CN's:

Neurological Flow Sheet.pdf



Cardiovascular Pharmacology I

(This is a huge file, so be patient)


Cardiovascular Pharm Power Point Only:

Cardiovascular Pharmacology 2-13-09.pptx



EKG SnapKast #1:

EKG SnapKast1.mp4



EKG SnapKast #2:

EKG SnapKast 2.mp4


EKG SnapKast #3:

EKG SnapKast 3.mp4


Great YouTube Vid:  Wenkebach


EKG's: From Order to Chaos:

EKG RHYTHMS--From Order to Chaos.docx


EKG Practice Strips:

ECG Practice Strips 2-2008.doc




SHOCK Snapkast #1:

SHOCK SnapKast 1.mp4



SHOCK SnapKast #2:

SHOCK SnapKast 2.mp4



Shock Lecture  Power Point Only:

2-25-2009 SHOCK FINAL.ppt




CV Nursing II SnapKast I


CV Nursing II Snapkast II:

AAA SnapKast.mp4


CV Nursing II SnapKast III

Pacemaker SnapKast.mp4


CV  Nursing II  Snapkast IV:

PVD SnapKast.mp4


POWER  POINT  FILE  CV  NURSING  PTII  (Contains all  of the above CV  Nursing topics:

2-24-2009 CV Part II AHII.pptx




Cardiovascular Mini Case Studies.docx


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