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Field Trip Water Treatment Plant

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Worksheet / Assignment Environmental Health Field Trip:

Write a one to two page "Reaction Paper" (12 point font, resemblance of APA format..) to your visit to the Water Treatment Facility. The paper should include personal reflection, as well as some evidence based support for your thesis. Relate how environmental health--particularly water treatment and purity---- fits in to the entire field of public health, public health nursing,  and the health of the population for any area.


Save your assignment as a MS Word Document, and to turn it in as an attachment;  attach it to an email to:



Subject Line:  Environmental Health Assignment


***Due: No later than 0800 11-03-2009


Days / Group Assignments For WTF Field Trip

10/29/09 (Thursday):

     Group 1: Abu, Kim, Hill, Kemple, Pedler, Takara, Cabrera

     Group 2:  Alfonso, Brock, Cyclewala, Hoang, Lautchang, Orpilla, Seth, Ymballa

     Group 4:  Capati, Dryer, Madu (E), Huerta, Walker, Woo, Kang

     Group 5 :  Bui (H), Huynh, Ikeakor, Bui (V), Madu (I), Kopka


10/30/2009 (Friday):

      Group 3:  Del Castillo-Katz, Logarta, Nguyen (K), Puquiz, Stone, Savageau, Lofinmakin    

      Group 7:  DeJesus, Nguyen (K), Mehari, Ohazurume, Peraza, Rom, Torres, Tuinei

      Group 8:  Ezeanolue, Henry, Ike, Kamara, Legaspi, Manaligod, Senbeta

      Group 9:  Masella, Okoronkwo, R-Love, Stephens, Taeza, Pham



Meet in the Water Treatment Facility Plant (it is ~ 8 miles northeast of the school) no later than 0845. Attendance is mandatory, on your assigned day. There will be a sign-in sheet. It would be best to carpool, since parking is limited. Most of the tour (~1  1/2 hour) is outside, so dress accordingly!



6005 East Vegas Valley Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89142


Clark County, NV Water Treatment Facility Brochure 






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