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School of Nursing             FrontPage

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 Nursing : Art & Science.                                                

      Everything is Illuminated

 ...in the light  of  the past.  It is always along the side of us, on the inside, looking out.                                                                                                    


"As we enjoy great Advantages from the Inventions of others

we should be glad of an Opportunity  to  Serve others by any Invention of ours,

and this we should do Freely  and  Generously."

                                                                             — Benjamin Franklin, 

                                                       from The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Chapter X




Site Disclaimer      


Schools Where I Teach: (Click on the Picture)


To emphasize that we are not a "one site, one geographical location school,

The University of Southern Nevada (USN) changed its name on July 1st, 2011,

to Roseman University of Health Sciences ! 










Kinesthetic Learning Game
Development Page





******* HOW TO STUDY  *******






"If you love life, don't waste time,

              because time is what life is made of."

                               — Benjamin Franklin

                               (The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin) 




Some Assorted 'Learning Objects...'



All of the following activities have been rendered obsolete due to the retirement of Adobe Flash


The Cardiac Cycle (click on picture)              Nursing Process (click on picture)



Levels of Prevention: (Click on Picture)        Chain of Infection (Click on Picture)



Cardiac Medications Spinner Game                     A-B-O-Blood Typing
        (Click on Picture):                                           (Click on Picture)





The Nervous  System Overview                           

(Click on Picture)                                              



Since the site is constantly evolving, it is hard to describe all of the learning opportunities that you will encounter here, but I will give it a try!  There are Podcasts of some of the classes, represented by mp4 files, which are basically narrated Power Point Presentations for selected topics in the various classes.



There are also Nursing Learning Games and Activities, Located Here.


There are links to other Wiki's that can be of use to you, such as: The Pharmacology Wiki, The Growth & Development Wiki, and The Nutrition Wiki, and the Public Health Nursing Wiki--(see Links in the SideBar, at right.  


To download Apple QuickTime:  http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/


To download RealPlayer :  http://www.real.com/realplayer.html


If you find a good web site having to do with any cardiovascular nursing topics, OR if you are looking for additional information, then see:                                                                               

                                                    CARDIOVASCULAR  NURSING WEBLIOGRAPHY

                                                    NEUROLOGICAL NURSING WEBLIOGRAPHY


This wiki is a repository of MP4 Podcasts--and more! See links in the Side Bar, at right.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



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