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Adult Health I  Block 5

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on April 12, 2010 at 3:35:41 pm

The Musculoskeletal System Disorders


So, today we learned about Ortho Nursing and the M-S System. Be sure to remember the 6 P's, Compartment Syndrome, Fat Embolus, ..and more!!!


***Today's Short Group Projects ( ~ 15 minutes each group):


Group 3:  Total Knee Replacement Care Plan:

                   Total Knee Replacement.pptx

Authors: Barbara Ann Vergara, Edien Negasi, Kossi Kpogo, Mina Chong, & Ashley Wells


Group 4:  Acute Gout Care Plan:

                  Acute_gout1 Student Presentation.pptx

Authors: Katie Lehman, Michael Felix, Sheeva Morgan, Noemia Pinheiro, Joyce Lee, Hilary Delameter, & Braden Nguyen





Musculoskeletal Disorders Part I Final.pptx


Musculoskeletal Disorders Part II Final.pptx


Amputation Care Planning.doc

Fractures Care Planning.doc

Total Joint Replacement Care Planning.doc


M-S System Learning Games.....


     Musculoskeletal -- Meds for Pain & Inflammation



     Musculoskeletal Nursing Part 1



     Musculoskeletal Nursing Part 2



     Musculoskeletal Nursing Part 3



These may additionally be useful:





     Ch 10 Jarvis Key Terms Pain Assessment




The Gastrointestinal System Disorders


Abdominal Assessment Abbreviated Review.pptx


Gastrointestinal Part I Final.pptx


Gastrointestinal Part II Final.pptx


Gastrointestinal Disorders Chart 4.0.docx


Case Study Gastrointestinal Disorders.docx


G-I Games, etc.....


 Flash Cards / Games (Terminology)


  GI  System Terminology #1



  GI System Terminology #2



 G-I  System Games


  Meds for the Gastro Intestinal System



  G-I System Part I



  GI System Part 2



  G-I System Part 3





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