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The Combined Syllabus / Study Guide


A Short Course Overview Presentation... 



Focused Review  Assessment Two (FINAL)




Focused Review Assessment One


Course Documents Page


Assessment #1 Topics: (* Plus, 25 Review Questions on Final Assessment...)


PREZ 1.1 Infusion Therapy.swf  


PREZ 1.2 IV Medication Administration.swf


PREZ 1.3 Blood Transfusions.swf


PREZ 1.4 Parenteral Nutrition.swf


PREZ 2.1 Cardiovascular Pharmacology.swf


PREZ 2.2 Cardiovascular Nursing part 1.swf


PREZ 2.3 CV Nursing EKG.swf


PREZ 2.4 CV Nursing EKG Part 3.swf


PREZ 3.1 Infectious Disease and HIV.swf  


PREZ 4.1 Respiratory Nursing, part 1.swf  


PREZ 4.20 Respiratory Nursing, part 2.swf


PREZ 5.1 Hepatobiliary Nursing.swf



Assessment #2 Topics: 


PREZ 5.2 Renal System, part 1.swf


PREZ 5.3 Renal Nursing, part2a.swf  


PREZ 6.1 Burn Patient Care.swf


PREZ 6.2 Basic First Aid.swf



PREZ 6.3 Emergency Nursing.swf


PREZ 7.1 Endocrine Disorders.swf


PREZ 7.2 Face of Cranial Nerves.swf


PREZ 7.3 Head Injury, part 1.swf


PREZ 7.4 Head Injury, part 2.swf


PREZ 7.5 Spinal COrd Injury, part 1.swf


PREZ 7.6 Spinal COrd Injury, part 2.swf



PREZ 7.71 Alzheimers Disease.swf


PREZ 7.72 Amytropic Lateral Sclerosis.swf


PREZ 7.73 Guillain Barre Syndrome.swf


PREZ 7.74 Huntingtons Disease.swf


PREZ 7.75 Meningitis.swf


PREZ 7.76 Multiple Sclerosis.swf


PREZ 7.77 Myasthenia Gravis.swf


PREZ 7.78 Parkinsons Disease.swf



PREZ 8.1 Osteomyelitis and Bone Cancer.swf


PREZ 8.2 Musculoskeletal Disorders.swf


PREZ 8.3 Shock.swf


PREZ 9.1 Genetics.swf



PREZ 9.2 Oncology Nursing, part 1.swf


PREZ 9.3 Oncology Nursing, part 2.swf







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